During a discussion at one of the significant data center seminars this year it struck me that there are a wide selection of options available to data center managers when choosing development for a few of their important assets - their employees!
When I questioned the head of information centers at a popular company why they choose a particular vendors training for their staff this became obvious that they weren’t fully conscious of the many training options obtainable to them. It also made me feel that I really couldn’t know all the options either!!!To improve my knowing I started to attempt to put together my very own overview of the numerous options available.

I also wanted to realize in more detail the different qualifications associates of this network often point out when creating their expert profiles.It is certainly an appealing area. This turns out theref is quite a wide choice covering information center design, operations, and management. From what so far right now there is no clear leader in phrases of industry recognized certifications.Therefore here is a summary of the options I possibly could find for training and certifying info center personnel. These focus primarily on infrastructure type training covering design, setup, operations and management of information centers.We have also remaining out equipment particular training (HP, Oracle, etc) and the more generic/fundamental training such as ITIL or even project management and so forth. These could be added in to this list later on if you think it’s worth it.

• Choose an optimum site for mission-critical data center primarily based on current and future needs
• Describe all parts that are essential for highavailability in a data center and how to effectively set up the data center
• Name and apply the various industry standards
• Describe the different technologies for United parcel service, fire suppression, cooling, overseeing systems, cabling specifications, etc, and to pick and apply them effectively to cost-efficiently enhance the high-availability of the data center.
• Review the electrical distribution system to avoid costly downtime
• Enhance cooling capabilities and effectiveness in the data center by using existing and new techniques and technologies for the increased air conditioning requirements of the future
• Design a extremely reliable and scalable network architecture and learn how to ensure fitters apply proper testing techniques
• Create effective maintenance deals with equipment suppliers making certain the best return on investment
• Setup effective data center overseeing ensuring the correct people get the correct message
• Ensure proper security measures, both step-by-step and technical, are proven to safeguard your corporation’s valuable information in the data center

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